Wide Range of Targeting Options

With targeting options, you can make your campaings reach specific audiences.

Geographic Targeting

You may target on which country and cities you would like to publish your ads via geographical targeting.

Time Targeting

With time targeting tool, you can decide at which time frame your ads will be online.

Frequency Targeting

You can determine, on the given time frame how many times a unique audience will see your ads.

Mobile Targeting

You can decide on which mobile devices your ads will be placed by mobile targeting.


In online advertising; the easiest way to communicate with the visitors who are interested in your website is retargeting.

Ad Position

You may target your ads’ position the on the pages which your ads will be placed.

Technical Targeting

You can determine with which technical details that your campaign will be placed on such as browser version, device specs.,screen resolutions etc.

Budget Management

Distribute and allocate budget into the campaigns; define daily limits and stay in control.

Keyword Targeting

You may target your ads via targeted key words as well.

Advertising Models